In 1994, Sean got together in the studio with friend and fellow DJ C.J. Dolan to see what the two could create. About a month later, Sean’s partner in Our House, Kasey Taylor, was brought in and over a period of three solid weeks their first single as Quench,”Feel my love”, was completed. The boys shopped it around to various local record companies with an offer finally being taken up from Melbourne based ‘Vicious Vinyl’ and English label ‘Pulse 8’. Achieving marginal success in the English underground dance charts the next step was to take Quench further. Reverting back to the original line up, Sean and CJ next created the monster track, ‘Dreams’. It went to no. 2 in the French pop charts above Mariah Carey, was released on over fifty seperate dance compilations in every continent on the globe, and gained an A.R.I.A nomination. Following ‘Dreams’, two more singles, an album, and an extensive touring roster including support for the Prodigy (6,000 people) and a headline ‘Thunderdome’ gig in Brisbane (8,000 people) came from Sean’s involvement with the talented CJ Dolan and the Quench project.

In 1995 the current project, “Our House”, was born: out of a very strong friendship with the equally talented and driven Kasey Taylor. Starting with a few local remixes, the duo began to formulate their own trademark sound, bringing Mushroom Records to their door. The first self-titled single did reasonably well in Australia, and was signed to Pete Bones’ ‘Ugly Bug’ label overseas; but it wasn’t until “Floorspace” was signed to Paul Oakenfold’s label ‘Perfecto’, that the two truly captured the attention of the world again. A no. 2 dance chart position in the U.K. was the order of the day this time, helping to cement the team an ongoing deal with the aforementioned label. Since then, Sean and Kasey have completed two highly successful remixes for Virus and Juno Reactor on the Perfecto label. “Floorspace” was remixed for 1999 by the boy’s, and also featured a “Pee Wee Ferris” remix. The single achieved a large amount of local and international radio airplay and has been featured on the extremely popular Reactivate series and also a U.K club compilation called “Sunny Side Up”. One of Our House’s finest achievements to date has been the signing of their single, “Clearwater”, to the progressive label of the moment, “Rhythm Syndicate Records“. With a remix being provided by the label manager, one of the most talented producers to come on to the world progressive scene, Rowan Blades, aka “Breeder”, the single was not released as an Our House record. Instead, it was released under the duo’s solo project names Ocean Wave (Kasey) and Progression (Sean). The track has found success in its own right, as well as being selected to appear on Dave Seaman’s Renaissance compilation.

The year 2000 saw Sean busier than ever before. In January he was asked to be one of two resident DJ’s on the second largest touring rock show in the world – “The Big Day Out”. Touring every capital city of Australia, his set in the ‘Boiler Room’ saw him play alongside The Chemical Brothers, Goldie, Bassment Jaxx and Primal Scream. Next on the agenda were his feature sets at Two Tribes and Gatecrasher, two of the biggest parties this country has seen to date, and more recently Trade with Paul van Dyk, another Gatecrasher tour and The Perfecto Tour with Paul Oakenfold and Chicane. Amongst all this, March saw the completion of the first of three mixed cd’s for Ministry Of Sound, “The Summer Annual“, which climbed to the number six position on the ARIA National Compilations chart, going hand in hand with a five week national tour of Australia’s capital cities throughout June. The completion of the second mixed cd later in that year, “Clubbers Guide To Summer 2000” also saw Sean touring our capital cities.

Despite being in the studio so often, the one thing that has remained Sean’s greatest love is the interaction between turntable and audience. In the ten years that it has been his chosen profession, DJ’ing has taken him all over Australia on a regular basis and consistently placed him in front of huge audiences. Modestly regarded in Australia’s top four bracket, he is a working example of the sort of talent his reputation suggests. With a radio show on Melbourne’s Kiss FM that he has held with Kasey since it’s inception in 1993, plus his five day a week “Clubber’s Breakfast” show, with Barrie Barton (the highest rating show on the station for five consecutive broadcasts) Sean’s interests reach far beyond the studio and the DJ booth. The year 2001 has left Sean no time for rest. As Our House, Sean and Kasey have just had two new releases. The first a Double “A” Side single with the tracks “Soliton Wave” and “Forced“; and the other, “Crash”, featuring on the “Underground Sounds Of Australia EP” released on Paul Oakenfold’s “Perfecto label“. His DJ commitments have seen him play as far away as The Freedom Festival in South Africa, and a national tour kicked off in July to coincide with the release of “The Underground Sounds Of Australia EP“. In the latter half of 2001, Sean was awarded “Victorian DJ of the year” at the prestigious National Dance Music Awards and has picked up the national “Big Day Out Tour” for a second time. The summer period taking into account Welcome 2002 and his now legendary last set at Summadayze as well as the aforementioned Big day out was one of the busiest periods of Sean’s career to date.

August 2002 saw Sean embark on a whirlwind overseas jaunt firstly to Holland to play with his friend Lucien Foort and then to Ibiza for someone Sean places very highly, Dave Seaman. “The Heineken Fast Forward” festival in Rotterdam is a street festival closing off the entire centre of the city as fifteen semi-trailers drive at five kilometres an hour with DJ’s playing for the duration of the six hours the drive goes for. Lucien asked Sean to fly into Rotterdam to play this festival to the 1.5 million people that lined the streets and to play his Saturday night residency at the infamous Night town club. After only three days in Holland, Sean met with Kasey in Manchester and flew to Ibiza to play at Seaman’s residency at El Divina with Sydney’s Ben Korbel, Kasey, Dave Seaman and Anthony Pappa. After three days there, Sean flew back into Australia to play a gruelling four-week succession of gigs taking him to Mt Hotham, Adelaide, New Zealand and Launceston. The last part of the year saw Sean and Kasey back into the studio to finish the Our House album. The single “Twilight/Fire and Ice” (to come out early in the new year) represents the first single release by the boys in a number of years and the first airing of the new material written during this time. The album “Our House is Your House” will be the first in the seven years these guys have been recording together and will be in stores mid April 2003, expect some surprises! The Christmas/New Year period was as hectic as usual seeing Sean play Welcome 2003 and then the closing set at Summadayze on New Years Day to 24,000 people. 2003 began with gigs alongside Steve Lawler and Sasha bringing us to Two Tribes in March with Dave Seaman, Junkie XL, Sander and Layo and Bushwacka. The mainstay events all saw trademark “Sean Quinn” sets in 2003 and the workload didn’t let up as the year progressed. In the latter part of the year Kasey took off overseas indefinitely and Sean, for the first time in 15 years, began writing some solo project material.

With an opinion that previous writing partnerships had not been true vehicles for the sound that Sean wanted to put forward, he set off on a hands on, technically fueled exploration of audio production in the Mac OSX environment throwing himself in the deep end of an operating system unfamiliar to anyone else in the highly competitive Melbourne writing community which at the time was just beginning to command worldwide attention through the work of such artists as Luke Chable, Andy Page, Infusion and Nubreed. Counting these infinitely talented exponents of “The Melbourne Sound” amongst his closest friends, Sean very quickly became a knowledge base as the transition from the tried and tested OS9 operating system became inevitable. The first completed solo piece titled “Distant Thunder” was finished in early 2004 and in July of that year caught the attention of longtime friend “John Digweed“. With a glowing introduction, John announced to his 20 million listeners that a new phase in Sean’s career was rapidly approaching as he played the first indication of this in it’s entirety for the first tune of his show. With the focus now shifting towards his new passion, the gruelling weekly gig schedule began to take a back seat as he powered through six more tunes ranging from bootlegs to breakbeats with a view to completion of a solo project album in late 2005.

Midway through June 2005, Melbourne’s Kiss FM returned to the airwaves and Sean immediately put his hand up as he has done in all of the previous incarnations over the past ten years. The name “Clubbers Breakfast” was dropped in favour of “Space Between the Beats” and a new co-host was sought and found in Melbourne Prog Breaks whizz kid Dan Mangan. It took only three weeks on air for the show to become the highest rating program on the grid and with the station now enjoying a full-time license, the boys won’t be going anywhere in a huge hurry. This year looks busier than ever as the madness of New Years settles and across the globe record company execs slowly get back to work. First cab off the rank for Sean is a collaboration with a long time friend that is without a doubt one of the worlds most respected and revered producers, Andy Page. Entitled “SQAP” (..the initials of both boys) the single was snapped up by Dave Seaman’s Audio Therapy label for release in March and is also Featured on the next Renaissance compilation mixed by Dave and due out at the same time.

November of 2006 saw the release of Sean’s first solo project single, once again on Dave’s Audio Therapy imprint this tech-infused dancefloor weapon was given the title “Relentless” and saw release via the Autumn/Winter Edition sampler. With more remixes in production and some original material penned with the likes of Mark James and Luke Bowditch due early in 2007, Sean’s year already appears to be following a well travelled path. With 2008 came a great deal more production and the gig schedule saw Sean and Luke Bowditch and the rest of the Snap Crackle crew hit the two and a half year mark for their weekly Saturday night. Sean completed mixes for John Digweed’s radio show “Transitions” and the “After Hours” show in Lima in Peru suggesting that some long awaited overseas touring might be on the cards for 2009. 2010 is only ten days old at the time of writing and already a collaboration between Sean and long time friend Gus Cullen entitled “Getting Away With It” has been signed off to Vicious Vinyl with a release date of early February. The cover of Manchester band James monster hit from nearly ten years ago features the vocals of Danny Bonicci (Nubreed) and Manuel (Infusion). The single received a huge amount of support on NOVA all across the country and for nearly three months it was hammered 26 times a week. Before long the boys were off on a national tour to support it including festivals such as Stereosonic. It didn’t stop there, “Getting Away With It” became the 35th highest selling dance single in the country in 2010 on the prestigious ARIA chart and the boys are currently in the studio putting blood, sweat and tears into the follow up. On top of this, Sean has just finished a mix cd for Kiss FM due out around the time of the annual Australia Day event Kiss My Grass that he and Dan Mangan have closed for the last three years and will be doing so again this year.